Industry-leading transparency
and risk management.

In today’s complex market environment, transactional transparency is an increasingly important part of execution performance and iSPrime is focused on providing industry-leading transparency, risk management and the highest quality liquidity for our clients.

Delivering excellence is ultimately a relationship business and we do this by combining the strength of our team with a truly differentiated suite of technology-enabled solutions and leveraging our heritage of systematic and quantitative trading intelligence and insight.


Founded in 2014

iSPrime, part of the iSAM Securities group, was founded in 2014.


+1T USD per month

Our group volumes are in excess of +1T USD per month.


Global coverage

5 offices across Europe, Asia & US providing global coverage.

Raj Sitlani

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Jonathan Brewer

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Barry Flanigan

Head of Distribution & Liquidity

Nik Wood

Electronic Trading Solutions

Paul Jackson

Sales Director

James Wale

Sales Director

Terry Gill

Sales Director – Agency

Balraj Sroya

Institutional Sales

Toby Shirt

Head Of Client Services

Our journey

Dec 2014


Feb 2015

First trade

Aug 2016

LD4 Matching engine launched

Jan 2017

iSRisk launched

Feb 2017

iSPrime Hong Kong launched

Mar 2017

Indices and Oil Index swaps launched

Aug 2017

Bitcoin Index Swap launched

Oct 2018

Proprietary FIX hub ‘Hubble’ launched

Jan 2020

HK SFC Type 3 license granted

Apr 2021

MT5 Launched

From our founders

iSPrime provides a one-stop shop that incorporates liquidity in FX, indices and commodities, technology, revenue share and risk services to brokers of any size or sophistication. We had a clear vision from the outset – to build a market-leading liquidity offering, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and quantitative research and trading.

There is simply no other PoP provider that offers the breadth of service available from iSPrime. We stand out in the market because of the combination of our liquidity, risk services, technological and quant resources, and experienced team.

Jonathan Brewer
Managing Partner – iSPrime

We hire the smartest people we can find and empower them to innovate and proactively help you to better perform and deliver your trading strategies. What sets us apart is our unrivalled investment in our proprietary technology and listening to, and truly delivering for, our clients.

Over time, we have managed to build unique relationships with the wholesale FX markets. We only deal with institutional business and never compete with our clients, which means we can consistently offer the best pricing and execution to our customers.

Raj Sitlani
Managing Partner – iSPrime